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Web Page Design

Bronze Package $175
Basic Site set up 5 pages
Silver Package $250
Basic Site set up 5 pages up to 3 animations
Gold Package $375
Basic Site set up & up to 6 pages up to 5 animations

Add an extra page or an animation$20/ea.
General up keep $15/hr
(updating info, pictures and data on your site)

Basic Site includes
· Navigation through all your pages
· e-mail links
· links to other site if you choose
· any photos or information you want
· I set up your account on the internet and
have it billed to you. If you have an internet
provider I usually try and go through them
so you it is added to your existing bill.

If you want any parts that move on your site it will
be considered an animation. This could be
roll over buttons, a logo that moves, blinking words,
scrolling messages ect.