A Rant From the Boss

Hey! I want to say thank you to all of our many loyal customers. Especially the ones that make sure we're aware of a lot of the latest so called original first time ever inventions on the market. Rest assured that we're still hot on it and will be for the long haul. Our machines have always been designed with one main idea: not to be TOO easy to catch and make somebody happy for a day but: take the effort and practice time to develop a delivery and timing it takes to catch live ones consistently.

We currently have 4 patents on our latest version the CrossFire Supreme.

Our ground driven stride length has been patented since 2004.

this has been studied, rechecked and found to be as true to the average live steer in tow as mechanically possible.
The feet move in proportion to the ground speed. When you go slow, they move slow when you go fast they move fast.
The distance between the tracks increase the faster you go.

Our Flip back horn release was patented in 2008.
The benefit to this mechanism is that it takes less pressure to release your rope, reducing the chance that it will pop back in you or your horses face. We've designed drills to simulate bending the steers head and keeping a head horse from ducking off.

Our Front leg simulator called the "Jen-Stick" patent was applied for in 2013 and issued in 2014.
It is designed to close the gap between the front and back leg of a steer. It will effectively block a shot that is out of time. This is standard on our CrossFire and CrossFire Supreme but is optional on other models.

Our New and Improved Hop and Hip Action patent was applied for in 2016 and issued in 2017.
We have been working on this design a long time and our latest version is by far the best looking hop in the business.
Also the New legs have flexible fetlocks that cushion the hit when the feet hit the ground and leave tracks.

A little about the Sleds (Non Movement Dummies) on the market
We build one that does a great job doing what it is supposed to do: help get beginners started and helps horses learn position.
The concept has been around forever and I've seen various versions in pens since I started picking up a rope.
We sure don't claim to be the original on this type of dummy. The first person to ever create a sled type dummy is probably with his Maker Bless their heart. When you buy a Hot Heels you're not paying for a staff of professional marketers, a lot of vender and booth space, 2 page ads every month in every magazine, or patches on anybody that knows how to rope. You are paying for exceptional workmanship, durability, excellent resale and a machine with years of research and input from top ropers that aren't baking for anything, they just want to tell it like they see it.

So why do Other outfits try to copy our stuff?
For one thing our dummies work well and are beneficial to ropers.
Or maybe they didn't do enough research on patents on roping dummies.
Lastly they might be HOPING that making and selling dummies will make them rich.

So Thanks again to all of our customers and facebook fans! Thanks for your calls and messages! We are listening!